Cashmere Care

Cashmere is one of the world’s finest and most delicate natural fibres. If taken care of, it can last forever and will continue to feel even softer and more luxurious after each wash. However, we suggest the following measures:



You can have your cashmere dry cleaned, however we would recommend washing by hand. Fresh water shakes cashmere fibres and gives it that soft touch we love. 

  1. Wash your cashmere in a clean sink or basin. Dissolve a tiny amount of cleaning liquid or baby shampoo in lukewarm water before immersing your garment. 
  2. Wash gently by squeezing the water through the fibres. Soak for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  3. Remove excess water and rinse with water at the same temperature. Do not rub or twist when removing excess water.
  4. Place the garment in a towel big enough to accommodate it and roll it to get more excess water out.
  5. Dry flat on a towel away from direct sunlight or other heat source. Reshape by hand and leave to dry.

We recommend washing your cashmere garments regularly even if they are not stained.

We do not recommend using a tumble-dryer for cashmere.



  1. Store your cashmere garment in a drawer with cedar balls or lavender sachets to repel moths.
  2. We recommend washing your garment before storing it. This will remove any traces of smells which could attract the dreaded moths.
  3. For storing over long periods of time, you could invest in plastic storage bags to keep moths away. 



Pilling is normal and will happen on any cashmere sweater. It is not indicative of bad quality. 

Once pilling appears, you can remove the excess fibres using a razor, electric de-bobbler or cashmere comb. If cared for properly, your garment will retain its luxurious appearance.