Topkapi 2-Ply

Topkapi 2-Ply


Topkapi 2-Ply is part of our feminine collection, Topaki 2-ply is longer than Topkapi 1-ply while remaining the same fit at the chest. A modern inspiration from the original Oriental floral designs, this has taken a single intricate motif and transformed it into a geometric pattern across the whole garment. This is one of our most complicated sweaters to produce, taking around 15 hours to knit. Topkapi showcases the heritage skills passed down through the generations in the area.

  • Shorter ribs (4cm) for a looser feel

  • Available in Seaweed Green, Ecru or Navy background

  • Crew neck

  • 2-ply - 100% Italian cashmere

  • Hand knitted in Scotland

  • Knitting time: 19 hours

  • Lead time: 4 to 6 weeks

  • Model is wearing a size M. Check out our Size Chart here

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