Tartan Grey

Tartan Grey


A classic V-neck sweater in the traditional Scottish tartan fabric, this is produced using the finest cashmere and intricately knit together using artisan hand-intarsia technique handed down through generations in the local area. This is a unisex sweater with a close fit for men and a looser drape on women.

  • Classic body shape, comfortable fitting around the chest and armhole

  • Available in Cocoa or grey

  • Round neck or 9’’ v-neck

  • 1 Ply - 100% Italian cashmere

  • Hand knitted in Scotland

  • Knitting time: 6.5 hours

  • Lead time: 4 to 6 weeks

  • Model is wearing a gents’ size M. Check out our Size Chart here

  • This model, part of our Heritage collection, is available in a unisex Classic shape based on Gent sizing

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