Okkio Blu

Okkio Blu


As part of our new feminine sweater collection, Okkio has a delicate intarsia design around the neckline which creates the look of a necklace by using a complex technique showcasing the skills of our local craftsmen. As inspiration Okki refers once again to the myth of Argus and Era (the word okkio is a free elaboration of the italian word occhio that means eye). In the myth, the hundred eyes of Argus then became those of the peacock). Available in blue and black.

  • Lady’s Classic is a classic body shape, comfortably fitting around the chest and armhole

  • Available in green, electric blue and shiny black

  • 10’’ v-neck (deep v-neck)

  • 1 Ply - 100% Italian cashmere

  • Hand knitted in Scotland

  • Knitting time: 3.5 hours

  • Leadtime: 4 to 6 weeks

  • Model is wearing a Ladies size S. Check out our Size Chart here

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