Okki Green

Okki Green


Using a delicate intarsia design around the neckline and shoulders it creates a sense of jewellery flowing across the chest.  This is created by a complex technique that showcases the skills of the craftsmanship in the Scottish Borders. As for the name and inspiration Okki refers once again to the myth of Argus and Era (the word okki is a free elaboration of the italian word occhi that means eyes, in fact in the myth the hundred eyes of Argus then became those of the peacock).

  • Fitted body shape

  • Available in green, electric blue and black

  • Round v-neck

  • 1-ply - 100% Italian cashmere

  • Hand knitted in Scotland

  • Knitting time: 7 hours

  • Leadtime: 4 to 6 weeks

  • Model is wearing a size M. Check out our Size Chart

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