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Mr Partner Magazine

We had a the pleasure to show our factory to the team from Mr partner Magazine in early May last year and we were featured in their January edition.      

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How we produce our cashmere sweaters

At Glenevan Mill, your sweater is made to order. For our clients, this means we can make small adjustments to the sweaters to suit their needs, such as make the body or arms a little longer or shorter.   The knitting process begins on the ribs of the sweater. We use a looser stitch at the top, so the knitter can easily see the stitches when transferring the knitwear from one machine to the next. Once the ribs are knitted, they are transferred to the hand intarsia machine. In order to begin the knitting process, our hand-knitters will hook these looser stitches one-by-one onto the hand intarsia machine. The knitter stands in front of the machine with a chart, which...

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For the love of Scotland, Cashmere and floral Art...

Our founder Alessandra Marchini-Gunn was born in Italy on the 26th September 1918. From a very early age Alessandra displayed a fervent imagination for the arts, something which was shared with other family members and this was passed on to her children and grand-children. She was well travelled and enjoyed living with her husband Donald both in Scotland and Italy.  During the early 60’s Alessandra and Donald dedicated their working life mostly to the Scotch Whisky Industry, starting up a Regional Italian importing and distribution company located in Genoa on the Ligurian coast of Northern Italy. The business was initially orientated towards the selling of Scotch whisky brands, which were still seeking international renown. At the height of the period...

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